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Thread: Found the problem but ...

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    Found the problem but ...

    OK, so I found why mine kept cutting out - the fuse box had melted and one of the fuses was making intermittent contact with the metal connectors.
    Amazingly, I happen to have a spare fusebox (lost the lid of mine so bought it as a replacement and never fitted it) so I can sort that.
    BUT ... why did it happen in the first place? What sort of electrical mayhem does it take to melt a fusebox? And why should it not happen again as soon as I get it fixed?
    Any theories or opinions very welcome.

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    Any loose electrical connections can cause heat build-up, it's one of the most common causes of fires if not spotted early. I check all my house plug sockets once a year to check they're all tight too

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    Gotta agree with sprocker on this one.

    A loose connection will cause it to arc as it makes contact, like a mini arc welder, and eventually it will catch fire, you were just lucky it only melted the fusebox, and not who was sat on top of it

    Good to hear you wont be off the road too long as well

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    i'd look at the loom aswell and check its got some free play
    tight loom straining the box won't help

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    Thanks lads. Just thinking it's a bit strange that it melted the fusebox but ... didn't blow any fuses

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    Glad you have found the problem Si
    At least it wasn't too expensive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokinjoe View Post
    Glad you have found the problem Si
    At least it wasn't too expensive!
    Thanks John - pulling the rest of it apart to try and find any dodgy looking wires/connections and tidy things up a bit - how the hell can one little motorbike have so many bloody wires!?

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    Any further on ?

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    OK, she back - at least she's managed about five miles and didn't cut out once, which is a bonus. I'll take her to work tomorrow and give her a bit more of a work out.
    Been through the electrics pretty well, coated evrything in ACF50 (yeah, I fell for all that Mill spec aviation marketing bollocks - kinda cool though) and done some tidying up - replaced the fusebox with an aftermarket one and done the rear brown connector - not 100 per cent happy that either job is going to be the final version but hopefully will do for now (I feel some pricey motorsport-quality electrical components coming on!).
    My mate (who occasionally sneaks on here as '9996' to take the piss) was helping me out with his soldering skills today and of course was going on all day about how I should have bought a Ducati and Aprilia electrics were crap, etc. Then he came to start up his 996 and his battery had gone flat - hehe, my turn to take the piss.

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