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Thread: 2003 RSV1000R (Radial Brembo Version)

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    2003 RSV1000R (Radial Brembo Version)


    For sale is my cherished 2003 RSV1000R.

    The bike is the last genuine factory Mille R version, uniquely equipped with Brembo radial callipers.

    I wont detail the full factory specification as Im sure potential buyers will be well informed, needless to say though the bike is unbeatable value for money. The bike is totally unspoilt and exactly how Aprilia intended.

    Unfortunately I can't post any images so if interested please provide your e-mail address and I'll send them directly or visit where
    Ive included some close-up pictures, so you can appreciate the bikes pristine condition and high specification.

    I have changed the poor OEM side-stand for an improved aftermarket version. Rear crash protectors and swinging arm bobbins are fitted. The Aprilia upgraded larger oil filter and housing have been installed. I have retained all original parts which will be included with the bike.

    The bike is shod with Pirelli Corsa III tyres, both front and rear have loads of tread left.

    My sole and only reason for selling because my new employer is local, so my B-road summer commutes are no longer and I need a bike more suited to town traffic.

    I cannot emphasise enough how much it is worth paying a little extra for the R version, particularly the 2003 model with Brembo radial callipers. If you are seeking an immaculate late example of the 1st generation RSVR Mille you have my personal reassurance that you will really struggle to find a better example than this, a genuine bike from a genuine seller.

    1 previous owner
    Full service history
    Meta M357T Alarm
    12 Months MOT
    6 Months Road Tax
    16,250 miles


    Cheers, Adam (PM or give me call on 07773 381278)

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    Very Nice bike mate, you should have no trouble getting your cash

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