Very sought after race suit--I have a white, grey and black Alpinestars SM-x race suit for sale. This is the Italian made top of the line suit with external armour on knees, back and elbows. Consequently it is very comfortable indeed. The sliders twist and click on(I havea few pairs I could sell you if you buy). The suit is ingood condition, not been crashed in. Only selling cos I bought the black version 2(which is not as good as the mk1).Its a great colour scheme cos it will go with any bike, usefull if you change bikes every year!.
The size is a Euro 48.I am 5ft-11 with a 33 inch waist and these were a perfect fit. Cost 1400 pounds new. I will sell for 55o plus postage.
Any one interested I can email pix. These sell for 500-700 on evil bay with no trouble, but thought it would be nice to let an RSV rider have first dibs!!.
pm me
cheers Carbon Kid
PS- I will have a pair of folding CRG's off my 02 mille available soon as I change over to radial pumps.Let me know if interested.