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Thread: 57mm Throttle Body

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    Talking 57mm Throttle Body

    Hi guys I got another one!!

    Offered 2008 57mm Throttle Body.
    This fits directly on the current inlet rubber.
    I kept the 3 hole new style injectors in, but supply you with some connectors.
    I closed the 2 vacuum lines.
    Including idle and choke adjustment.
    Including new washers for the fuel line.
    Including Pressure sensor.
    Including Throttle position sensor.
    Including Fuel Pressure Regulator.

    Including Special Eprom !!

    Looking for 250 GBP Shipped.

    Cheers Alain

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    you have PM... iv got too spend this 1460 some how !?

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    Sorry M8 sold today.
    Will get new ones soon !!

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    no probs... rubs hands !!

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    Hi guys I have another 2 sets ready.
    For the first one It comes with 57mm stacks to !

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    Mick Oliver
    I've got a hooked air box on mine for a 2002 standard bodies would that still fit and work with these bodies
    Or would it need a new base

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    I've got the same prob Mick, new baseplate I'm afraid.

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    Ask Craig if it can be modified
    Last edited by DrRossi; November 1st, 2009 at 01:50 AM.

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    The question existing 51mm throttle bodies gen 1 on standard gen 1 plate
    The short answer is no !!

    The long answer is maybe as follows :

    The difference between the 2 plates i offer for the gen 1 1998-2003 are as follows:

    Different materials in the plate ie Carbon / Prepreg / Fibreglass.
    And 51mm bodies and 57 mm
    The 57mm bodies were standard fit only on the Edwards special addition bike 2003/2003 i believe !

    However as a Mod or Upgrade people either fit Gen 2 2004-2009 new shape throttle bodies which also have the newer injectors fitted as standard and requires a small wiring mod the the injectors.
    Or they take a standard 51mm set and bore them to either 54mm or 57mm as these are standard 51mm that have been reworked they are a straight swap.

    However the reason i stress and offer 2 types of plate ie 51 & 57 is not just the obvious difference in hole size ( Velocity stack hole in plate ) but also the thickness of the plate. On the 51mm bodies the plate thickness needs to be only 4.5-5mm thick however on the 57mm plate the plate needs to be at least 7.5 mm thick otherwise the velocity stacks will touch home first and the plate will not be able to be screwed up tight.
    Note if you get bigger bodies weather reworked 51mm or 57mm you need new velocity stacks.

    So if you have a standard ( Hooked or Renegade ) Filter kit and upgrade to 57mm bodies you are better of to sell it on eBay. And order a new filter kit
    People that are not in the now about our forum are still paying a premium for used / second had kits on e-bay

    There is something else you could try. However i would not recommend this.
    Re-bore your self with a hole cutter or some thing similar the velocity stack holes in the top of the plate.However the obvious is hash this up and you have nothing to sell then you would need to take a dremel or angle grinder to the bottom of your brand new 57mm stacks until you could fit the plate without the the stacks bottoming out before the plate has screwed up tight Not ideal also i now as you need to make a nice job of this bit 2

    Good luck hope this helps Craig
    Last edited by hooked; November 1st, 2009 at 08:34 AM.

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    Can't you make the hole bigger with the dremel and remove 1 or 2 mm of the 57mm stack bottom?

    I could prepair the stacks for the buyer with a Hooked plate!!

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