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Thread: 02 PILLION seat...

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    02 PILLION seat...

    Gents i have an 02 PILLION seat

    rather than cash would like to swop for a decent bellypan 98-03 model colour not important or a set of 01-03 headers..

    Thanks Mark

    seat is very clean ..just a dodgy pic

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    but would accept 50 including postage?

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    il have a original but painted satin black one available in a week or 2... as im re-fitting my original red one back on... just waiting for the delivery of my Image Works decals to arrive !?

    depends how much of a rush your in !?

    you would also have to collect from SW6 though... as im a bike only owner... & cant be bothered posting something that huge !!

    upto you... lol

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    mmmmnnnn....i'm in no rush...not got a car at the moment so would have take a train over...

    or strap it on my back lol

    let me mull it over and i'll get back to you

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    go on then we have a deal

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    oki doki... il see if any of my mates travel your way... they might be able to drop it off for you... no promises though... lol !!

    or if anyone on here goes past SW6 to Orpington now & again !?

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