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Thread: 2007 RSV 1000R Part-out

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    2007 RSV 1000R Part-out

    about 3300 mile Red and Gray bike sustained damage on left side.
    Price is make me an offer. Buyer is responsible for packaging and shipping costs.

    Everything is for sale on the bike. If you don't see what you want PM me.
    Engine and trans (3280 miles) $1500
    Scotts Stainless Steel oil Filter $50
    Oil Coolers
    Radiator fans
    Voltage Regulator
    Right Exhaust (cored and ceramic coated cat section)
    Headers and X-pipe (interior welds smoothed and ceramic coated)
    Ohlins forks $1200
    Triple Tree
    Sacs Rear shock
    font and rear wheels with tires (Blue front has a few paint chips)
    Chain and sprockets (Stock)
    Fuel Tank (underside smoothed for open air box)
    Air box with gasket to under side of tank
    Right fairing upper and lower
    front wheel fairing
    inner labia, oil cooler, and radiator fairing
    Head fairing
    Head Fairing support frame
    Right side deflector
    Right Turn Signal
    Left Turn Signal (very slight rub on bottom edge)
    Intake duct (interior smoothed and siliconed joints)
    Right rear cowl
    Solo seat cover for rear
    rider seat
    side seat plastics
    Under seat plastic
    Tool Kit
    right passenger rear set and hanger
    rider rear set
    Front brake master cylinder and assembly
    Rear brake master cylinder and assembly
    Front Rotors
    Back rotor
    Front and Rear axles
    Clutch master cylinder and assembly (lever broke)
    Head lights
    Tail lights
    Instrument Cluster
    Kick stand
    key with lockset
    Rear seat subframe

    Damaged parts
    Radiator (LH side dented)
    Left exhaust (was cored ceramic coated cat section, dented and scraped)
    left lower fairing (rashed)
    LH deflector on head fairing (rash)
    left passenger rear set and hanger (rash, exhaust hanger bent
    Clutch lever (end broke)
    Kickstand Switch (rubbed on bottom)

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    Hi do you have a good swingarm? regards Brent

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    I don't think so. Until I have it back from the dealer, I will say no.

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    Parts not available. Insurance wanted way too much for the salvage value.

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