Downsizing to get ready to go back to school, the ski's gotta go. Its a 1988 Kawasaki JS550 (550cc two-stroke twin).

The Good:
Quite clean for its age

Aftermarket Ride plate (handles better)

Aftermarket Intake Grate (better hookup, sticks better in turns)

Solas SS impeller

Ported/polished/tuned jetpump housing - gives it better thrust for better acceleration and top speed.

Motor ran great the last time I rode it.

Trailer included is quite sturdy, has oversize tires (in good shape), bearing buddies and goes with a 2" ball. It can also carry a motorcycle as I've added a channel between the boards for such purposes

The Bad:
It hasn't been used in 1.5yrs, the battery is dead and won't hold a charge.

The last time I rode it the steering cable broke - it will only make right turns now (had quite a time getting back to the dock) and of course needs a new one before it can really be ridden again.