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Thread: 1 piece fibreglass race bellypan

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    1 piece fibreglass race bellypan

    as the title says...ideal for trackdays ...needs work to look mint but might be of use for someone...would prefer pick up as its a large lump to post


    below is the rough side ..

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    Guest looking at the pics its rougher than i remember so frree to anyone who wants it...again would prefer pick up as its a lump but you pay p+p and i'll track a box down to put it in

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    could you find out how much to California I would love to use it for track day.donnie

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    Smile Yes please! What's your poison?!

    Would love to relieve you off that belly pan. The more scrappy the better as I am spending the winter fettling and fixing up a rather sad looking Mille, and on a shoestring! I spent the other evening repairing a rear seat cowel with plastic metal and once sanded back and painted will be good as new.
    I'll happily let you have a few beers (let me know what you prefer) for your trouble, if it really is free to collectors. I have a relative coming down to the grandparents in Orpington in the next couple of weeks - would that suit you? Sir?

    PS if it's gone, it's gone - I'll live.

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