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Thread: 02 black falco c/w goodies

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    02 black falco c/w goodies

    Due to a recurrence of a shoulder injury it looks like sit up and beg for me for the forseeable future. This isn't yet 100% certain but sadly does seem inevitable, I'm basically flagging this one up as an extremely likely sale.

    I did think about fightering the bike as a solution but it would be a shame since this one goes like stink, the Falco has amazing midrange in the first place, but the factory chip and cans mean that its awesome on this bike. I've had two Tuonos (mk 1 & 2) the first with full Akra & ren air, set up on Southern Cross's dyno, but this baby has em both skinned between 4.5 and 8.5k revs. The 60-100 roll on feels pretty quick, and I've had plenty of grunty bikes in my time. Ohlins on the rear in excellent nick, suspension recently checked and set up by Steve Jordan at PP in Exeter. The bike has a Helibar clip on conversion (best you can get IMO) which makes it incredibly comfortable. Sadly it doesn't help me since I've got to keep my back straight (weirdly enough that's good for shoulders), but compared to many sports bikes its bliss.....

    Six months tax and nine months MOT on an 02 plate, 17.5k miles, plenty of history, two previous owners, recent fluids change (and filters) inc hydraulics, tyres have at least a thousand miles left, 15 tooth on the front sprocket with 16 tooth spare. A very clean working bike offered here first. I've spent more pounds on it than miles ridden, obviously I can't afford to keep a bike if it turns out I can't ride it. If the axe has to fall I'll stick it on fleabay classified at 2.5k, £2250 here. A local stealership offered me £2k so I reckon I'm in the ballpark pricewise. For some reason I can't post pix here which seems odd in a For Sale section, but I'm happy to email em to anyone interested. I'm in the SW area (Bridport near Dorchester) and have a van. The only word of caution is that I'm undergoing a lot of physio at the moment and if - and its a big if - there was a dramatic and permanent improvement I'd definitely keep the bike. Either way if you're interested get in touch and I'll update you.

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