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Thread: RSV 1000r factory race bike FOR SALE

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    RSV 1000r factory race bike FOR SALE

    Now selling my beloved RSV 1000r Factory 2004 as now racing the new RSV 4

    The bike is up for sale at 4499 ono

    This bike has many different extras:
    *STM racing slipper clutch
    *Cylinder head tuned by southern cross
    *Dyno jet power commander
    *Dyno jet quick shifter
    *Ohlins superbike internals in front forks. suspension set up by M.C.T
    *Wets on Wheels
    *Full set of R&G crash bungs
    *Spare full Akro system
    *Clip ons and rear sets

    ***too many spares to list***

    This is one of the fastest RSV's on track.

    This bike belongs to John at Bikersworld who has had many wins over the past few years of racing it. The bike has been owned and maintained by Bikersworld since new.

    Please do not hesitate to call for any more information
    contact number: 01342 325955

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    Don't suppose you have any spare oz wheels to sell seperatly? Or standered R wheels even?

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    trying to up load photo of bike hopefully this will work

    sorry about the size dont know how to adjust but when the picture is really big just right click and the click on show picture is shos it better. sorry for hastle
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    Hi i can do u a brand new front gold OZ wheel and a second hand standard rear wheel in blue or red for 450.
    can post all over the UK for 20 all over the UK

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    hi john! got that slipper clutch mate its in spot on condition and griff is fitting it very soon. Don't surpose you have a quick action throttle do you mate? And what do you want for the spare full system?
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    sold full system however have still got spare cans.

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    do you by any chance have a Power commander?

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