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Thread: Ebay CER bargain!

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    somewhere in North Hampshire ;O)

    Well the RSV exists my money didn't end up in some dodgy bank account with nowt but tears to show for it! flash back stories of 'Watchdog' innocent buyer gets stuffed by scammer playing through my head were thankfully unfounded!

    I have yet to start her up, I will check all the fluids and get it on Optimate before I do that, but first impressions are good!

    Thanks again to 'Oli' for checking the bike over and giving me confidence and Moving-motorcycles who gave a great service and yet me informed all the way.

    All I need is someone to have a word with the big fella and stop this feckin rain...

    Pics to follow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasher76 View Post
    somewhere in North Hampshire ;O)
    Me and Gasboy (Pete) are South Hampshire along with a few others on here. Hopefully we'll meet up when the sun has got his hat on

    Can't wait to see her, I love those bikes (but don't tell Pete)

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    Quote Originally Posted by crasher76 View Post
    Well, I have put a deposit on the bike and will release the funds pending an inspection. Fingers crossed it works out well, I would like to claim the bike will be cherished and but in reality it will see numerous track days and ridden with scant regard to its exclusivity (after all it is just fancy stickers!)
    lol,,and titanium rods ,etc etc does it come with all the other bits they were supplied with/

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    yup including a white cardboard box still with the number 45 decals, exhaust cut-out decals, 'extra' manual, race chip, various other bits n pieces as well as standard exhaust system and pillion peg / seats.

    Seems well loved and not used as a garage ornament!

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