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Thread: 2x 125cc scooters for sale £200 for both 05 and 56 plates

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    2x 125cc scooters for sale £200 for both 05 and 56 plates

    posted this on the other channel as well

    ok boys and girls i have for sale 2x 125cc scooters Chinese (giantco royale) one is 05 reg done about 13000 miles (speedo cable went ages ago lol) reads 9500 ish on clock . the other is an identical scooter but 56 plate done 3000 miles . the 05 one has remote start/stop and alarm but has a tapping bearing which i think is a main bearing on the crank but has not got any worse still runs fine mot till june ish. also top box .

    56 plate one i bought for spares(both are complete scooters ready to use) from my mate who went to france , out of the 2 you can get a great scooter which does 60 mph and nippy off the light and have loads of spares or you can have both working as they are both usable...these scoots are brill and great for keeping you nice toy clean and salt free for the commute .me and my mate have had em from new ..............see pic of 05

    £200 for both. if ya want em you need to pick em up(lancaster)m6 junc 34 .. other wise its ebay time ... just thought you boys should have first shout ..

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    if you were closer i'd snap these up...going to start scooting in to work from next april..fed up with paying £180 a month for a train ticket and theres no way i'll put the mille through that each day..especially as i have trouble riding it

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    Well mate if ya want em get a trailor and have a road trip only selling cause i need room in my garage as am gonna use the divvy 900 for work if i need it . been using the scoot for work and going into town on days off etc bloody fantastic for town work . why more people dont use em i dont know ?? 5 quid to fill em up if that and go for ever 60 mph and faster than a car off the lights fun fun fun lol ..............

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    you still got em?

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    Sorry gone .........

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