For sale as I no longer need a van.
I have had this van since early 2007 and must say have spent alot on it previously for MOT's etc.
It had a new turbo fitted by Iveco in March I think which has a 2 year warranty and the total cost for the turbo, labour, MOT and new rear discs was about £1200 squids.

It has a face off JVC head unit with Ipod jack and 2 Pioneer speakers on the bulkhead
Fully plylined
Twin elecs towbar
Lots of tie down points
Lots of receipts
MOT'D till 23rd April
Taxed till end of April
14 months warranty left on Turbo

Has 153 K on the clock but had a recon engine fitted at about 120K (the car race team who had the van blew it up after forgetting a little thing called oil after a service)
Generally in good condition with about 10 little rust marks and a couple of very small dings as you would expect.
Side door only locks/unlocks from the inside, its got the wrong door lock on it.
Other than the turbo been a good reliable van which will sit at 80 all day long with 2 bikes and kit or 70 with caravan as well.

I have pictures if you give me your email add I will send some over. Need to take plate off of it yet and bike grab out.