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Thread: R&G crashbungs for 2002 RSVR

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    Baby Twin
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    Oct 2009

    R&G crashbungs for 2002 RSVR

    For sale:

    R&G crashbungs to fit an '02 RSVR.
    This is a set containing a rear pair of bungs that bolt to the frame, a pair, including mounts that protect the fairing and a pair for the front forks. These are as new and come with all fixings.
    I'm looking for 80 plus postage for the lot.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Jeff rsv
    Hello Dave,I am after a set for my 2003 rsv if they are black and fit my bike I would have them..let me know cheers Jeff.

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    Baby Twin
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    Oct 2009
    Now Sold!

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