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Thread: All the bits you want but cant find

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    All the bits you want but cant find


    Aprilia performance Rear sets Sold
    Satnav Tom tom Rider 2 ect Sold
    MPL slave gold Sold
    Ventura Luggage kit Sold
    Eprom Dr Rossi Open eprom for 51mm bodies Sold
    Hooked Air box used lac carbon Sold
    Spare ECU Sold
    Pc3 Usb Sold
    Turno stacks Velocity 57mm gen 2 Sold
    Rsv Velocity stacks 57mm gen 2 Sold
    Carbon rear light surround Sold
    Carbon under seat panels Sold
    Oxford Luggage sport panniers Sold
    Carbon/White Mirror covers Sold
    Sargent gel Seat Sold
    Carbon main frame covers Sold
    Abba Bike stand Without adaptors Sold
    Eprom Arrow for 51mm bodies Sold
    Arrow Can link pipe carbon strap & titanium hagger Sold
    Abba Bike stand With mille adaptors Sold
    Eprom Dr Rossi 57mm bodies special Sold

    57 mm Throttle bodies I will inc 57mm Velocity stacks conversion connectors fitted complete set plug and play fuel regulator throttle positioned etc all in unbolt your 51s and fit 57s Sweet £250

    Leo Vince 2-2 system this is the twin system complete with balanced headers with built in crossovers itís the SBK not for road use Race system.
    This is the best looking 2-2 system made for the older rsv should fit all 1998-2003 models but will require you to cut lower fairing ! near vertical cans ( SP1 Look ) Sweet
    I bought this system and when I was going to take the dremel to the not for road use bit on the lower band realized that the band was scratched.
    No big deal as the scratch and not for road use bit are on the lower can bands. Canít even see unless laying on the floor and would no doubt dremel out anyhow. As Iíve changed my mind and direction I did not bother. The cans come with the following :
    Haggers straps and extra Spacer to avoid stand hitting when
    Used with a Bubswoo Stand .Also inc Brand new never fitted new version of Bubswoo side stand. Also will inc Brand new boxed Motrex tail tidy so you can relocate your indicators.
    price £450

    There is no doubt more but I canít think !!
    B4 they go on e-bay here is your chance

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    Want that 2-2 system but after paying out on paint job, your airbox and DrRossi chip. Nothing left in my wallet. Doh. They'd finish my bike off damn it :-( But good luck with sale unless you'd consider a finance deal Lol

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