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Thread: Carbon Arrow cans for sale

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    Carbon Arrow cans for sale

    Looks like the cans are up for sale, so here we go.

    Right, these are road legal cans which my mate has had for just over a year. They are in good condition but there is a couple of things i should mention. One of the cans has a small pinch in the carbon sleeve caused by the exhaust hanger being put on the wrong way. You cant see this with the hanger in place. And there is a small scratch on one of the end caps. Just give me your email addresses and I will send you pictures.

    Rather than sell them on ebay for him I thought I would offer them up here for 350 + postage. This should be between 20-25 for next day special delivery. If your interested give me a shout.

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    hi,could you send some pic"s . to

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    still 4 sale?

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