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Thread: Imageworks 2002 RSV diablo back decal set

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    Imageworks 2002 RSV diablo back decal set

    Full set for std rsv in diablo black with, silver and fluro orange. Full set, sold my 02 to buy an Edwards.

    50 incl postage within uk sound ok?

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    dam, i have just sent my fairings today to imageworks for them to apply a full set.

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    Did you say the full lot? is that the front back and sides?

    Do you have a pic of what it looks like on a bike. Might be cheaper for me to get my bike painted black

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    jus like this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by garvey2003 View Post

    Might be cheaper for me to get my bike painted black
    just in case you were trying to kill two birds with one stone and make it faster too, remember garv its only the original black ones that are the deluxe, fast models
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