My little bro is selling his bike, this is copied from his ad:

Considering selling my 1986 Kawasaki KH125 (2-stroke)

Great little bike.. never let me down. Not the fastest (had around 65mph out of it on the clocks), would make a great little commuter.

~8500 miles on the clocks (will check this)

No knocks coming from the engine, all seems sound. Engine been resprayed as well. Previous owner told me that it was rebuilt at some point too. Nothing missing.

Costing me 88/year to insure (tpf+t with pillion cover also!) and I'm 18 on a full bike licence.

Looks very much like this one (without the tape on the seat!):

Looking for 400ono This will be vintage soon

His number is 07792911016 or 01993846028 ask for Simon.