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Thread: For Sale Brembo Wheels & Discs

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    For Sale Brembo Wheels & Discs


    2 Rear brembo wheels. 1 Front Brembo Wheel. All with discs included.

    220 plus postage. I may split.

    ************Tyres Not Included*****************

    Tel John 07798 733710

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    how much for just the front without the discs?

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    May be a daft question - Will they fit a 2000 RSVR and will the discs work with the standard calipers? If so and they are OK I would buy the lot.

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    Are you selling the crash protectors as well mate?? i thought i would be a and ask .

    cheers mate

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    Yes the crash protectors are for sale.

    They are on another thread

    The wheels I have used on my 2002 bike too on standard calipers. My 2005 RSV was standard calipers and the black discs are off a 2000 bike. so I guess they will fit.

    Someone else on here will know for definite if the fit a 2000R. I seem to remember boys on R's at trackdays running wets on Brembos though and their Oz's had drys on.

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    99.99 % sold!

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