Will let go for 3500!

I'm selling my RSV 1000 factory to pay for putting my car back on the road for winter!

I will be said to see it go as it is such a perfect bike but needs must!

It is an 2004 reg that has only done around 7000 miles!

I bought it from the other bike shop in Lincoln with only 1 owner from new and it was like brand new.

Now tho as my car broke I had to use it to go to work and back and so it is not as clean as it once was but is still in good condition for its age.

It has had the Akrapovic Full Race system that is worth 1800 new and is not meant for road use as its the SBK version so no baffle holes are drilled. It also has Giles rearsets fitted to it! So it looks the part.

Last winter as it was stood one of the fork seals started to leak which they are notrouise for and so i changed them out with the Yamaha SP ones that are a lot better as they have a double lip on them instead of the single lip!

I also changed the oil 500miles ( ago with a K&N oil filter and Silkolene COMP 4 fully synthetic oil!

I have also just fitted a brand new battery and had the bike looked over by MSM motorcycles.

It is taxed and MOt'd until the end of April.

And I will sell it with its number plate M13 RSV!

I have the original hand book with clocks change receipt and old MOts etc

I still have the HPI report from when i bought it although is now1.5 years out of date but does at least show there is no finance on it! Feel free to get it checked again tho.

Back tire is nearly brand new only fitted 150 miles ago front is OK but will need changing once the back tire is worn so is good for anther 3000 miles at least!

Now for the bad bits

The clocks were changed out at 3621 miles as there was apparently an immobilizer fault since then the new clocks read 3356 until I changed the battery which for some reason has reset the mileage back now to zero so is currently reading 60 miles! (apparently this is a known fault!) I have proof of the mileage I have done as luckily I took a pic ready for eBay! so it has currentl done just 7000

The right hand side rear set carbon fibre heel plate has worn so it is frayed so could do with a new one!

I parked it on my mate gravel drive in the summer and it sink into to gravel and fell on its side!

This has meant that the left had panel has gravel rash on it which is not to bad but noticeable!

it also dented the left hand can which in turn caught the swinging arm but didn't notice the swinging arm until i washed it!

The dent was pulled out so it is hardly noticeable!

The rear left panel also has a small paint chip on its edge but is only 2mm in diameter so again is that bad!

I have also noticed the last week that at slow speeds the front brake comes on and off on light breaking as the right disc is warped and so I have got a quote to get it done for 400 but I haven't got the time to get it done so this will reflect on the final price!

Please E-mail for more pics as i have taken loads!

Remember your bidding to buy! not to look.

You are more than welcome to look at the bike before the auction ends just let me know so we can arrange a time.

Please remember that I'm using the bike for work and so it will not be perfectly clean although I do try my best to keep it looking good!

The mileage can be guaranteed by the mot cert's that i have kept the first one bing a clock reading of 3621 in 2007 before i bought the bike then 383 miles when i bought the bike and had its first MOT by me (2009)and the next being this years which was 1666 because the wrong trip was read! but you can see the last mileage from the pic i took just last week! It also has had its rear swing-arm changed for the newer one. I have receipts for the ECU fault and clock change by MCM motorcycles as well (21/05/2008). Plus the mileage was written on my receipt when i bought the bike from the other bike shop so they can also confirm it! And I have the original footrests and original exhausts system which is like brand new and the rear seat! recipt for its first oil change on the 29/03/2006 by aprilia Lincoln which don't exist any more!

I have also the left over oil i used when i changed the oil for top up and you can see the K&N filter so that proves that was done but i didn't keep the receipt for the fork seals so you'll have to take my word on that one! AS you can see i cannot be any more honest on the bikes condition!

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