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Thread: Rsv track bike, project

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    Rsv track bike, project

    I have an Rsv1000 unfinished track bike that i bought from cheesy on this forum last year, Its still unfinished but i want to gauge interest as to sell it as it is or build it then flog it? But I'm really struggling for time and want to get rid of everything rsv I own due to other commitments/projects and no space in my garage.

    It doesn't have V5 but all frame and engine no's are intact.

    Cheesy told me the engine was from his road bike and I think he said less than 5k miles and very good runner with no issues.

    When I bought bike it needed throttle assembly, front brake master cyl and calipers which I've now got

    I also found one fork leg to be dented, so I bought another pair but will inc old ones for spares aswell

    I still need to rebuild forks and fit back to bike to get it back on its wheels if someone wants to buy it as it is. Will be doing this asap so I can get some pics to upload

    Its had new head bearings and will have fresh fork oil and seals obviously

    swing arm and all shock bearings are good.

    It came with a fair bit of bodywork and spares(radiators, hoses, fans bolts brackets, wiring loom etc off the top of my head) and I've also got loads of spares from a previous trackbike, mainly bodywork.

    Most bodywork has damage etc but 95% of it is all useable/repairable, Got loads of belly pans, top fairings, side panels, air intakes etc but only two seat units

    the bike will need all fluids putting in and brakes, clutch etc bleeding, maybe new brake pads, a clean and a good once over to check everything, and bodywork fitting etc etc

    has giles rearsets and titanium end can, all in all its in decent condition but by no means mint but will make a sound trackbike.

    As for price I thought fully built and checked over and set up and with a fresh paint job and maybe spare set of bodywork around 1500 mark and then I would sell all my other spares and bodywork after for what ever I could get?

    but as bike stands and all spares inc I'm open to offers

    As I said I'm gauging interest at the moment and also I don't really want to break bike or start selling things seperate at this point.

    Cheers Brooky

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    Bike sold

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