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Thread: Bits in the pipeline (my turn)

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    Bits in the pipeline (my turn)

    Would anybody be interested in the following:

    Carbon fibre rear light surround (98-00 RSV) - 75
    Carbon heel plates (98-03 RSV and some tuonos) - 35
    Arlen Ness 1064 race boots in white (slightly battered - good for trackday?) 25
    Standard brembo brake lever (98-00 RSV) 10
    Standard brembo clutch lever (98-00 RSV) 10
    Original Aprillia exhaust (98-00 RSV) 20, but postage will be around 34,765.04 (royal mail 18th class)

    All prices are negotiable, all items are used, and i will put pictures up when i can be bothered/soon. and prices include postage.

    PS I also have a 1995 Honda CBR600f which has been streetfightered. It's paintwork is tatty, but its MOTd til the end of the year and has 2 good tyres. Email me for details on that, I want about 600 for it. tt

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    interested in heel plates....will PM

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