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Thread: 2003 Honda CBR600F Black for breaking/repair

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    2003 Honda CBR600F Black for breaking/repair

    Selling due to economic write-off by insurance company and I have got a replacement bike now so no longer need or can afford to keep this.

    Majority of the damage caused by hitting the rear side passenger door of a car at an angle and going down on the left hand side.

    Most of the damage as displayed in the photos is fairing damage predominantly to the left hand side.

    Clutch lever, gear lever and front brake lever bent.

    Front brake disc or discs are warped.

    Engineer's report says front axle needs replacing.

    Left hand mirror gone in accident

    Slight scuffing on right hand side fairing due to being knocked over when parked.

    Engine still starts and bike still rides (albeit you can hear the disc rubbing and it is awkward changing gear with the lever bent closer into the bike).

    Bike has fabbri screen fitted and Honda heated grips. I also have original screen and original grips if needed (and a bunch of indicator parts). I also have an original Honda screen sticker which I was going to fit to the fabbri but never got around to.

    Bike has done around 25,700 miles. I have the manual, spare key and paperwork for everything it has needed in the 3 years I owned it which is just tyres, oil and air filter changes, chain and sprockets and discs and pads.

    Tax runs out at the end of March.

    Link to pics

    Let me know if you are interested as if I don't hear, I'll be calling up some breakers to buy it off me

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    How much you looking for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaseyb View Post
    How much you looking for it
    I think around 800. Depending on what I get offered I may hold a few bits back and sell them separately, like the Honda heated grips and the Fabbri screen.

    Just as an update it was a Cat D write off. Most of the cost of repair in the damage assessment by Honda was fairing damage and (for some completely unknown reason) Headlamp assembly and windscreen!

    I have a copy of the damage assessment from Honda but since I can't post attachments, if you want to see it, let me know and I'll PM it to you.

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