I've got a brand new full titanium EVO system with Carbon can coming early nextweek.
Will be 1050 + whatever delivery costs with DHL 24-48H, Guessing 35-40 as will insure it for 2000.
Pickup is welcome if you prefer

This is coming from a contact who can get a limited amount of them direct from akrapovic so it shows how much aprilia are making on them, the only difference is you dont get a race map, so you will need a pc5 Setup or bazzaz.
Now i've got a bazzaz which has been mapped on dyno with one of these systems fitted to an rsv4 factory so i will happily forward the map if wanted.

This is what you might call a one time deal. As this system is coming and already paid for but my contact tells me he's getting 3 more for same prices.

I will post pictures when it arrives.