Got a set of Gilles Variobars complete with 60mm risers in black for 53mm Showas.
Bought these a couple of months ago but never got round to fitting them and kind of got used to the riding postion now so up for sale.
Bars,risers,all brackets and fittings and a full set of Hel lines in black with fittings 60mm longer than standard,this is all that was needed to fit the bars i was told as clutch line reroutes.
The risers are as new the bars have been fitted before by someone and are drilled and the brake lines are brand new,the bar ends are so so with one of the end allen keys rounded .just tighten with molegrips or can get replacements.
Included is a homemade 6mm allen key thing to tighten the bars up with ( Mr Heath Robinson me!)

The kit new is about 320.00 then the brake lines are 60.00 (plus get a free matching rear line)

Looking for 200 delivered