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Thread: 55 plate rsv-r 14,000 miles 3,793

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    55 plate rsv-r 14,000 miles 3,793

    My mate is getting shut of his mille, its a nice bike and in good condition just thought I'd post it here for him to try and help shift it.

    I've had a go and I can confirm it starts and rides as it should, not got pics of the actual bike but its the paint scheme in the pic below and I can confirm that he likes his bikes in good condition and looks after them well (we take the piss how much he worries about stone chips etc) If anyone is interested message him on the nwb forum or send me a pm and I'll give him shout.

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    I could buy this and I would have eh twins! eh twin twins! eh!! Seriously, good luck with the sale and sounds like a good buy!

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