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Thread: Forcefield L2 Back Protector - Large

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    Forcefield L2 Back Protector - Large

    Hi guys,

    I bought a Forcefield back protector last year...worn it maybe 10 times, but just can't get on with it...the numpty in the shop sold me the wrong size...but he did do a 'out the back door' deal on my Berik jacket so couldn't take it back. Never had one before, seemed ok in shop but with lid on is just not comfy it's a large and I'm 5'8...think large is for 6'0 upwards. 90 new....anyone interested in 50 as new not a mark and still with box.....will get another one as makes the girlfriend feel better I have one

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    Fella your timing is immaculate! I'll take it, PM'd you


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