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Thread: Rear nailed tyre for sale

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    Rear nailed tyre for sale

    Ok i have a tyre for sale that has had a nail in it. I cant get anyone in my area to repair it so thought id stick it on here and see if any interest.
    Its fairly new and has only had approx 50 miles use (gutting)
    Its a michelin pilot road 180/55/17 rear tyre and was bought only 6 months ago so in great condition apart from the hole from the nail.

    60 ovno


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    Does it come with the nail, as I want to hang a picture up!

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    There's no tyre fitters in Luton? Even Kwik-Shit would sort it lol,

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    it depends where on the tyre the nail is. If its near the side wall, they wont plug it. If its in the middle they will. Cost 15 balanced at my local rubber monkey.

    Not in need myself, so free bump.

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