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    Alright lads, I have a 180/55/17 Bridgestone battlax bt 21r for sale the thing has only done 100miles had to buy it after a ride oot to oban as the tyre i had on had the cheek to run down to the wire then went flat in oban,so holiday monday 100 miles from home and one garage in town that had one tyre in my size so you can imagine wot happened next , 150 fitted for the thing, ive now got a lovelly set of michelin power ones on the bike so have to recupe some doe so if anyone wants it you can have it for 50 + postage if you need proof of ma story check the scottish ride oot post and ask mr Mad Biff or Pat and they will verify if you need photo's gi me a shout, cheers Bryan

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    only worn in the middle? lol

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