This has been dawning on me for a while. It breaks my heart but in a nutshell I donít use my Tuono enough for the great bike it is. I really only do a handful of miles a year now weíve got the kids and itís far too nice for the track.

So basically Iím looking to trade down for something cheaper that I can justify sitting in the garage most of the time

So Iím offering my T for sale for £4,300 (looking at what theyíre going for thatís a good deal. When you take into account its condition itís an absolute bargain)


Iíll consider a swap + cash for either an early RSV or maybe a 600/750 jap supersport (value £1500-£2000).

Itís a Gen2 2006 Tuono R (on a 55 plate, a handful were) currently with 12734 miles and a full service history.

I bought it from a dealer in January 2010, with 8835 miles and it was virtually standard. It was still on Map1 and running the factory standard 16:40. It had only had 2 owners who obviously cosseted it, as reflected in its service history and its outstanding condition. Iíd been searching for a pukka tuono for nearly 6 months and hence the reason I bought this one.

It has a full service history. In my time with it Iíve had a full service (including valve clearances Ė documented) conducted on purchase at 8835 miles. Map2 change and CO2 balance conducted by Griff shortly after. Oil & filter has been changed twice by me with receipts to prove. Iíve replaced the plugs with NGK Iridiumís. Itís fitted with virtually new Michelin Power Pures. Plenty of adjustment left in the chain.

The pictures are from when I bought it. It will be sold in original spec, other than now being on map2, properly vented clocks (which now have zero fogging), Renthal grips (medium stickiness), Quick action throttle (full unit not a modification), front R&G bungs, with both seat hump and the touring pillion seat (the comfy one with handles, not the token gesture on the later models). It has a Meta alarm system fitted.

The condition of the bike is outstanding. Donít just take my word for it. Ask Griff or anyone else who has seen it. This reflects the reason Iím selling it, I reckon Iíve spent more time cleaning it and maintaining it than riding it. Itís gorgeous, sweet as a nut, and needs nothing spending on it for a long time.

If youíre interested please get in touch or please pass on to any pals that might be.