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Thread: Breaking 2003 RSV-R

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    Breaking 2003 RSV-R

    Hi All,

    Apologies for the delay to everyone on the old thread but I've been mad busy with work and haven't really had much of a chance to do anything with the bike but I have now decided that I'm going to break the bike (well, I will be from next weekend when I get a chance to get in the garage and start taking it apart.

    The details of the bike are as follows;

    I bought this Mille rsv-r back in January of this year, and have spent the last couple of months doing bits and bobs to it, including repainting it, as it had taken a small spill on the RHS (scuff to mid panel, RHS ear and crash bung).

    I rode it 2 weeks ago (first ride ever on it) to take it for it's MOT which it passed, but I just don't like it, so it's now available for bits.

    The bike has only done 14k from new, is a 2002 model on an 03 plate and has all the normal goodies on it, like ohlins rear shock, front forks and damper, OZ wheels, Harris rear sets, Laser deep tone end can plastic fuel tank, Brembo's, lots of carbon bits and so on and so on.

    The painter who painted the whole bike, painted all of the carbon (as it was as flat as a pancake) but that hasn't taken very well in a few places, so there are a few small marks on it here and there.

    Here's some pictures of the bike as it currently stands;

    If we could leave all the comments about painted carbon in the last thread, that would be great, thanks.

    I've had a bit of a nose around on the net at the prices of various parts, and feel that the prices below are fair, but if you disagree, please make me an offer, all I will do is say yes or no

    I've only really listed what I can remember, but will make a full list as I take the bike apart.

    All prices don't include p+p

    The heavier stuff will be collection only, although I might be able to do a meet, or even deliver a few bits, but please ask me first.

    Points to note;

    All panels have been painted black, there are no cracks in the panels.

    All carbon (with the exception of the rear hugger has been painted black) and the RHS ear thingy has been slightly reshaped at the back end as it took a little damage in the spill.

    The clutch lever is a black shorty one.

    The forks had fresh oil and seals (correct ohlins stuff) about 3000 miles ago.

    I can supply pictures of any parts.

    So here we go, one perfectly good rsv-r in bits;

    OZ wheels 450
    Brembo discs x 3 130
    Ohlins Forks 450
    Ohlins shock 250
    Ohlins damper 100
    Brembo calipers x 3 100
    Frame 150
    oil cooler 40
    Front downpipe 20
    Rad RHS 40
    Rad LHS 40
    Oil cooler bracket 8
    Clutch lever 15
    Rad infill panel 10
    Front indicator LHS 10
    Front indicator RHS 10
    End can 50
    Engine 250
    Harris rear sets 100
    Headlight 40
    Clocks 45 (14428 miles)
    Braided lines 20
    Master Cylinder 50
    Top fairing bracket 50
    Yokes 20
    Ears 20
    Top fairing * 60
    Mirrors 20
    Scoop RHS 20
    Scoop LHS 20
    Mid panel RHS 20
    Mid panel LHS 20
    Carbon infill panel RHS 10
    Carbon infill panel LHS 10
    Carbon front mud guard 25
    Lower RHS 40
    Lower LHS 40
    Lower centre 10
    Plastic tank 150
    Seat panel RHS 10
    Seat panel LHS 10
    Rear seat plastics 40
    Rear seat hump 30
    Light surround 10
    Rear light 10
    Rear indicator RHS 10
    Rear indicator LHS 10
    Black undertray 20
    Pillion pegs 20
    2 person subframe 20
    Rear seat 35
    Rider seat 30
    Infill panel RHS 5
    Infill panel LHS 5
    Oil tank 50
    Swingarm 60
    Coils 25
    Throttle boddies 40
    Switch gear RHS 10
    Switch gear LHS 10
    Clutch MC 10
    Screen 20

    I'm located just off j3 of the M3 and my number is 07760 55 444 9 if you have any questions or want to come and see anything.



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    she looks lovely dude, why did you not like her?

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    Baby Twin
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    she's a mean looking bike, and it's a real shame, but there are 2 problems, 1) she's physically a bit to big for me, and 2) I don't like the flat power delivery.

    I've bought myself a k3 gsxr1000 and that ticks the boxes I needed ticking!

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    Baby Twin
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    rear shock provisionally sold.

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    Would you sell any of the 1/4 turn fairing fastners? I am missing some.

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    Andy I have got some spares you can have, will call you tomorrow.

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    Spot on Mark, I've been meaning to PM you about some.

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    Hiya interested in the rear seat and the speed sensor. Can you pm me a price for them delivered to Manchester.

    Thanks Steve

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    Hi All,

    Apologies, but the bike has now been sold.



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