As title says, few bit found in shed from my deceased '53 plate rsvr.
May fit earlier years but please check first.

Rear footrest hangers never fitted to bike while i had it, in very good condition, the pair for 10 plus about 4 postage(according to the royal mail website)

Clutch Slave cylinder, again good condition, taken of when i fitted an MPL one, would guess it was prob on bike for roughly 8k miles. 10 plus about 2 postage

Single exhaust strap with rubber insert, again not fitted when i had bike, in A1 condition, no scratches or perishing of rubber
5 plus 2 postage

anybody interested before they go on Ebay, PM me and i'll get back as soon as poss, am willing to meet locally (Herts) or for you London boys, will meet at the Ace Cafe for the price of a brew instead of postage !
As an added incentive, anyone who takes the Hangers and Slave cylinder can have the Strap for nowt (would check on combined postage and let ya know)