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Thread: Mint Low Miles Black 09 RSV100R For Sale

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    Mint Low Miles Black 09 RSV100R For Sale

    Sadly it's time for my bike to go - just to busy to ride her (1,800 miles in just over 2 years is criminal!).

    I bought the bike brand new from DK on 1-3-09 with the intention of doing a few Trackdays, however only ever did the 1 - to be honest I was scared to death of dropping or scrapping such a pristine machine on the track, despite fitting track Bodywork, spare tank and R&G's etc.

    The bike comes with R&G's all round, "Cored" cans (plus originals) - please note these aren't Akro's - but do sound bloody good and look the part. Also has a Carbon rear Hugger and a Tail tidy. Bike is currently on a SORN.

    I'll give whoever buys 1st refusal on all the track parts which include:

    Used once Full Fairing and seat unit unpainted in white Fibreglass
    Smoked screen
    2 x tanks - 1 VVGC and would make an ideal replacement (in fact I've left this tank on to preserve the original - will swap back this week)
    Pair of WoW's + 1 raer with intermediate
    Paddock stands
    Tyre Warmers

    I live in Lancashire and the price is 5,495 (excludes the track kit) - no silly offers or swaps please!

    Oh ye - nearly forgot - I did have a problem with the Immobiliser ECU, which was replaced under warranty (think the threads are probably still on here somewhere), however DK / Aprilia extended my warranty to 2 years and the next service is f.o.c. at DK (should be transferable).

    Now I'm going to try to upload some photos (not managed to do this in the past ) - if I can't please PM me your e-mail address and I'll e-mail them over. Alternatively I've just put an Ad on Auto Trader

    Cheers - Dave
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    Thanks for all the interest in the Track Fairings - as said I'll offer the buyer of the bike 1st refusal and let all interested parties know if they're available.

    P.S. Bike tank is back to original now - just like it was the day it came out of the box!

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