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Thread: Autocom Pro AVI with Accessories

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    Autocom Pro AVI with Accessories

    This is without doubt THE best intercom system on the market. I hve been using with my Iphone and had the missus calling me whilst on the motorway and she couldnt believe I was on the bike the noise cancelling is that good.

    It comes complete with:

    Rider headset for use with in ear style earphones with coiled extension (a this extension keeps coming off the headset, I have taped it on, its definitly the extension as the headset is virtually barnd new, this doesnt effect the system at all)
    Passenger headset with speakers and regular extension
    Bluetooth module for connection of Mobile Phone
    Noise filter for the mp3 connection
    Inline power cleaner (cause aprilia electrics are well noisy)

    I called them up when they released their new models to see if it was worth upgrading but according to them its basically the same technology so not worth it.

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    Any takers at 90 posted

    This really is great kit, listen to music on the go etc

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