Ok so heres the deal, I've got a bunch of 98-00 Mille stuff that I've bought over the years, I need 03 stuff so I thought a better way to do things was if someone wants the earlier stuff and has the later stuff ................... well you get the idea right !!

98-00 Stuff I have:
  • Fabri Light Smoke Double bubble Screen - pretty good nick
  • Black Fairing Mid Panels - good nick
  • Standard Placky Front Fender - good nick
  • Standard Throttleboddies - good nick
  • Headlight - there are 2, I understand one to be a left hand dipper for europe they're both in avearge nick
  • Collector and Downpipes - not new but no dents

now there's more stuff but I can't think of it offhand. I'm happy to trade for stuff that you have as long as its not damaged crap that should otherwise be dumped

If anyone has an undamaged and uncut undertray in black and you need something here then let me know, if you have an undertray and don't want anything then pm me and let me know how much you want and I'll pop you my email addy for a pic.