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Thread: UK RSV Mille (2000) - final call before eBay

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    UK RSV Mille (2000) - final call before eBay

    Hi all,

    Having taken delivery of my new Tiger, I've got to sell the Mille as the missus is not feeling a garage with 3 bikes in and no room for anything else (it was the deal I made sadly!). I really want to sell to to a Mille fan - rather than some random eBayer - so its the last call on the forums

    There are photo's from every angle to show that this bike is immaculate. The only slight mark is on the offside of the fairing and is hardly noticeable, but I've included a close-up photo so you can see it for yourself. It has done a few miles (40000) but comes with all MOTs and any inspection will show that this has been properly looked after and would put some examples with half the miles to shame.

    It is unmolested and the positive points are;
    Unique colour scheme
    Wheels which are mirror polished on the edges and a deep metallic gold in the centres
    Alloy top yoke (not some tacky clip-on!)
    Literally brand new Dunlop D207RR tyres (the last pic still shows the bobbles on them)
    Brand new 14v battery fitted 2 months ago
    Chain and sprockets in excellent condition

    Negative points:
    Just shy of 40k miles, but not an issue for these engines (check the forums)

    I also bought a new pillion seat (genuine Aprilia 160) and Rentec grab rail (65) so I could take the missus pillion, but it was too harsh for her - partly why I'm selling. I might include these depending on how close I get to the asking price

    The bike rides perfectly and everything works as it should. It is now tested until 20.8.12 (passed no issues) and taxed until 31.1.12. It has a datatool alarm fitted and comes with 2 keys and 2 alarm fobs. Happy for any inspection and test rides - albeit with the usual rules; full asking price in my hand before you try and bin it and you've bought it!

    I'm looking for 1950 ovno, which I know is fair for the year/mileage having asked opinions on a few forums. Any questions, feel free to contact me. Here's the pics:

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    now sold!

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