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Thread: OZ wheels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy333 View Post
    Hi apologies for delayed response. (currently driving through Europe)

    It's obviously to late but I would be unsure myself.

    Ok,I will accept 550 including postage for both wheels,sproket and rear disk,both tyres.That is my arm twisted fully .

    Let me know if suits and can organise postage etc.

    If you could email me at I can respond quicker.

    Hi mate,

    interested but there is a set at 450 with best offer on ebay. What's the best price??

    Cheers, Rob.

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    2 "unmarked" OZ wheels as in photo each with BT016's with some meat left.Rear disk and sprocket for less than 550- you mist be having a laugh!!

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    Hi Andy, you have found a good home for your wheels at that price! I will pm you.

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    Hi there,

    Just to confirm the wheels are 550 picked up or 590 delivered in the UK. Apologies for any confusion with the previous post.

    Many thanks,


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    These still for sale ?

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