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Thread: RSV Brembo wheels, discs, tyres complete

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    RSV Brembo wheels, discs, tyres complete

    Hi all,

    Before I split these down to their basic components I thought I'd offer them as a complete lot.
    Excellent Brembo wheels off a 2003 RSV, will fit all non radial caliper bikes (with spacers will fit them too). They really are good, only a couple of very minor marks. Complete with discs front & rear, sprocket carrier & good Afam 42t sprocket. Fitted with Michelin Pilot Power 2CT's, 120/70 front 4mm tread, 190/50 rear 3mm tread.

    Won't post up a picture on here & take up valuable bandwidth, think we all know what they look like, but can email on request.

    I'm looking for 275 plus delivery.


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    Bandwidth will only be consumed if people look at your ad, nice color by the way ;-)

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    OK good point!

    Would like to see by Sunday if anyone wants them complete.


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    These still for sale ?

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