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Thread: Rsv1000r 2005

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    Rsv1000r 2005

    It's with a sad heart that I have to do this but it has to be done as im broke. the bike has to go.

    The plan is to sell the bike and buy a cheap bike for work and the use the rest of the cash to clear the overdraft! so i'm looking for either for a cash buy, part exhcange on a cheap bike plus cash my way or whatever.

    Been thinking about it for a month or so and I can't justify keeping it. if things pick up Im sure I will get another one but the family comes first.

    some details of the beast!

    Aprilia RSV 1000 R 2005

    This bike has been on the track but in race bodywork - not in this bodywork which is in quite good order. Really only showing signs of Stone chips to the front.

    2007 Engine fitted as original went pop.
    This engine had only 1800 miles on it and 4 trackdays. The oil and filter was changed after every 2 trackdays. The original Engine had done 12500.
    I’ve done to date, 7350 miles so the Engine has done only 8500 miles and strong as an OX

    Whist we are the subject of Miles, the Clocks have that common problem of the mileage being reset.
    When I brought the bike, it had 12500 miles under its belt. I brought a new battery and the clocks returned to zero, I did 6231 miles until I had issues with the clocks not displaying the correct digits so I removed them to sort out. The clocks reset again. This was a month and half ago, Since the last MOT (clock reset) i’ve done another 1129 miles which will continue to climb as im using it for work.

    Total Engine Miles: 1800 new engine plus 7350 = 9150
    Total miles for the bike: 12500 Original plus 6231 Reset plus 1131 – 19862 Miles

    Since the above, I have replace the clocks with fully working ones that keep the mileage now. so another 1536 miles need to be added. this will climb as im using the bike daily. total bike miles today is 21,398, engine: 10,686

    The bike had been maintained whilst in Ireland by Jeremy McWilliams Race Base.

    •The bike comes with a Private Irish Number plate
    •6 Months MOT
    •6 Months Tax
    •Service book (Not stamped) and some service receipts including receipt for engine.
    •Carbon Fibre Front mudguard
    •When the bike was in track form, on a dyno it was recorded to be 121bhp at the back wheel
    •Carbon Fibre Wind Deflectors (original included, in poor state)
    •Akrapovic cans, black standards aswell
    •New collector
    •Small number plate (original included)
    •Small Number plate bracket
    •Clear Indicators (original included)
    •New 520 Fitted Gearing 15/44 with spare rear 46 sprocket
    •New steering bearing just fitted
    •Showa front (Heavier springs and setup for 17stone 6ft,3 rider)

    Bad Bits
    •Clocks have been replaced due to faulty clocks so mileage has been recorded on paper. New clocks now fitted showing 7300 (these keep the mileage if you discount the battery)
    •Bodywork front has signs of stone chips. Hard to show in pictures. When washed and polished she still looks good.

    If you want a minter then this is not for you, but if you want a budget RSV new shape and have some money to spend of making it mint then this is for you

    I'm Looking for £3000.00 for the bike or if you have a cheaper bike and some cash, drop me a line. Mainly need the cash but also need something to comute to work.

    I will take some up to date pictures at the weekend.

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    hi garvey,

    if you are after a cheap commuter for work, i have a cbr1000f looking for a loving home. it is on a h plate with 44000 kms. givi top box. £1000. let me know if it is your thing. i am in Fairford.

    just joined the site as i am wimdow shopping for an rsvr factory!

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