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Thread: 2006 RSV FACTORY Breaking for Spares (4500miles)

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    DO you still have the fairing and what kind of price dude? also do you have the Air temp sensor?


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    Quote Originally Posted by obscura View Post
    Unfortunately for me I'm breaking a 2006 Black & Gold RSV FACTORY with all the nice bits on it. Everything must go, I will try and put a photo up on this add also. Please email or call for any specific parts required, I'll also drop my ebay links on here once I get my auctions online. Brembos, Forged OZ, Ohlins, Carbon, OEM Parts all in fantastic condition. 07961074939
    Hiya, have you still got the stator & RR for sale? If so, how much would you like?

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    Interested in both wheels and discs

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