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Thread: OZ Wheels - blue 2006 for sale

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    OZ Wheels - blue 2006 for sale

    Blue Oz wheels for sale.

    These come from my 06 RSV Factory track bike that I sold about 4 months ago. They were the original fitment to the bike, but I swapped them for gold ones.

    They have covered less than 4k miles, 3.2k on the original road bike plus 2 track days, about 300 road miles and an MOT on my road bike and 1 wet trackday at Rockingam this March. They haven't been used since. I was intending to get fit them to my road bike, but club racing looms again and such luxury items are no longer affordable!!

    They include discs and sprocket carrier but no spacers. The discs are nearly new, but are a budget make.

    The tyres are BSB spec Dunlop wets and are past their best, although are ok when there aren't deep puddles on the track.

    They are in good condition with one or two minor scatches which are barely visible (email me for higher res pics).


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    hi mate! would you consider posting them to Greece? also how much without the tires?? thanks

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    Hi these still for sale ?

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