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Thread: RSV Evo ti exhaust and ipod Nano

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    RSV Evo ti exhaust and ipod Nano

    Having a clearout to make way for my Leo Vince system -

    Aprilia Evo Ti exhaust - decent condition (small graze on bottom rivet band). Needs a strap (I can send my own homemade version) but looks good and sounds really nice. - 50.00

    ipod Nano 4th generation 8gb (Silver) - lovely little MP3 player. (Great for playing films on in the car for the kids!). I now have an iphone so don't really need this. 65.00

    Prices are plus postage.

    Located near Grantham, Lincolnshire these days!



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    Hi mate you still got the exhaust for sale?

    Cheers Kevin

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