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Thread: Breaking 2005MY RSVR

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    [pm sent. slightly garbled by not so smart phone ;-)

    QUOTE=PaulW;175691]Yeah I do have a set mate but strangely half of the mounting holes have been drilled out to a larger size. Can't figure out why. Anyway, I can always fit them to my wets, 3 tight & 3 loose bolts should hold them OK . So yes, I do have a set (off my wets, barely used), 125 plus post?[/QUOTE]

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    Do you still have any double bubble screens still? if so how much you looking for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAZZER View Post
    Do you still have any double bubble screens still? if so how much you looking for?
    Yeah got two dark tint Fabbri ones, Gen 2, both really good nick. 25 posted?

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    hi there was just wondering if you had a feul cap if so how much please

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