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Thread: Dainese 1 Piece Leathers (Yellow)

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    Dainese 1 Piece Leathers (Yellow)

    For all those of you with yellow RSVR's how about a set of nice Dainese leather to go with it?

    As you can see I have changed bike and colour scheme, but also I've been at the pies so it don't fit any more.

    For a fellow Aprilia rider I would also throw in a Dainese BAP back protector with the suit.

    Fleabay Item number: 230236460635

    Cheers for looking

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    Too big for me mate, look nice tho' I prefer two piece leathers. Good luck with the sale

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    Sorry mate no good for me either, good luck with the sale buddy

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    Shame I ate too many pies too - They would match nicely with my track bike....

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