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Thread: UK- BNIB Jester EVO kit (RSV4 rear)

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    UK- BNIB Jester EVO kit (RSV4 rear)

    I bought the Jester kit last year from Gez. Its still sat in the box as I just havent had chance to do anything with it due to racing commitments and now getting married. I also got the Plastic 2001 tank as well so everything is ready to be painted/fitted basically.

    What you get:
    Full Jester Kit with the RSV4 rear End.
    Front and rear lighting kit also from Gez.
    2001 Plastic fuel tank.

    I am looking for 900 posted for the LOT....

    Billy Bargain i reckon

    call me on 07833 767 690 or email me on

    I dont get to a computer much so call, Text or email are easier, I will try and get back on to ask questions. Its all still boxed up at the moment, if any one wants pics let me know and i will un pack it all.


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    No takers or interest?

    How about a price drop 800 delivered...


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