Hi all,

Got a few bits that would be wasted on Ebay, so thought I'd offer them on this discerning forum

06MY Gloss black tank, red decals. Pretty much as new condition, never been fitted to a bike let alone seen petrol. Cap not included. 100 delivered UK

06MY Left middle fairing, silver/dark graphite decal. Again pretty much as new. 50 delivered UK

Set of Leo Vinci Titanium cans & link pipes. Bit battered but not holed. Gave 105db unbaffled, 102 baffled so fine for trackdays. I've ran these on my track bike for a few years, sound great. Will chuck in a pair of db killers to suit. 150 delivered UK

The following are a random collection of Gen 2 panels in varying condition. Can email specific photos if required. Prices here exclude delivery.

Rear seat tail unit 04-05 Silver light scratches 20.00
LH fairing 04-05 Black, red decals, light scratches 25.00
RH fairing 04-05, silver, red decals, heavy scuff 20.00
LH fairing 04-05 matt black red decals heavy scratch 20.00
RH Lower 06 Gunmetal purple decal light scratch 20.00
LH Lower 06 Gunmetal purple decal heavy scuff 15.00
LH Lower 06 Gunmetal silver/red decal light scratch 20.00
LH Lower 06 Gunmetal silver/red decal as new 35.00
LH Middle fairing 06 silver black decal, light scratches 25.00
RH Lower 06 black silver decal, heavy scuff 15.00
RH Lower 06 White Alitalia, light scratches 15.00
RH Seat Tail fairing 06 hand sprayed white 15.00

PM me if you want more details/photos.