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Thread: For Sale 2002 RSV Mille, Silver

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    For Sale 2002 RSV Mille, Silver

    A sad sale of my 2002 Aprilia RSV Mille.

    I have owned the bike for a year and a half, and had almost no problems with it other than the speedo sensor failing, which was a 20 fix and 5 minutes in the garage.

    The bike has been looked after very well through it's life, the previous owner was a riding instructor who had owned 4 of them! In the year and a hald I've owned it, it hasn't been used a whole lot, covering probably about 2/3000 miles. At the end of summer I changed the oil and the engine coolant and front and rear brake fluid with DOT 4.1, and it has hardly been used since. It was stored at my workplace, a small heated warehouse over winter and not used since sepember. I have had the bike running occasionally to make sure it doesn't die in it's lack of use.

    I fitted an uprated battery in January 2011 as these really like alot of power to start, and it has been better since, although I still keep it on the optimate whenever I can.

    Bike is currently SORN'd but has an MOT until November this year. For the MOT I gave it some new rear pads. The advisories it had were for low front pads, slightly loose chain (rectified) and low rear resovoir fluid (rectifed).

    Tyres are Pirelli Corsa III's with plenty of tread left, bike is ready for the road as soon as it is taxed!

    Bodywork is in fairly good condition, with a few minor marks and scrapes. The left hand fairing panel has some scratches (see picture) from where the previous owner dropped it on the drive, and the headlight has some small cracks in, apparently caused from overheating of the bulbs which is common? It doesn't affect the light atall and it definately hasn't got any worse so I never bothered to change the lens.

    The bike ocasionally put's up the EFI notice when the bike starts, but hasn't caused any issues, and my mechanic can't find any problems with it.

    I have both keys and plenty of paperwork to go with the bike.

    I think that's everything...
    Please feel free to email or phone me with any questions or to arrange a viewing. Bike is in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

    Thanks for looking,

    Can possibly arrange delivery if not too far and we work out a price!

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    Probably a cheeky question,, but don't suppose you'd break?

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