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Thread: Gen 2: SP MotoGP Cans, PCIII USB, Exhaust Coring Kit

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    Gen 2: SP MotoGP Cans, PCIII USB, Exhaust Coring Kit

    Hi All,

    For sale I have the following:

    1x Twin set of SP Engineering MotoGP XLS exhausts in Carbon. They are about a month old, but I've just bought a system, so these have now got to go ... I can provide an invoice so you still have the warranty on the cans! They are in very good condition (only a month old!) and sound bloody lovely! They come with links, straps and rubbers! They use the standard springs to attach. Link pipes are in top notch condition as are the joining mechanisms. Fully BSAU stamped and run at 300mm Long x 98mm round with a 2.5" outlet. All metalwork is stainless and these run in at 355 a pair. Will sell to the first person to stick 300 in my bank ;D ... Even still have the wrapping for em ...

    1x Dynojet Power Commander IIII USB ... We all know what this is, so dont need to go into detail really. Good condition and fully functional. 180 plus post and I'll even dig out the original box!

    1x Bundle of goodies that was designated to core the standard cans. Again, got the system, so no need! I have a thing for lots of exhausts ... :P! Got all this last week so all brand spangley new! Consists of:
    - 2x 500mm 2.5" perforated stainless exhaust coring. Top quality and designed for this job!
    - 2x High quality exhaust core blankets (Packing). This isn't the cheap shredded stuff. This is the higher quality woven blankets. Each run at 500mm x 800mm.
    - 50x '4.8mm x 10mm' Fully stainless steel dome head rivets for the bands and for riveting the perforated material to the inner tube. And as they're completely stainless, they wont melt like Aluminum ...
    - 1x Roll of Stainless steel lock wire (safety wire) which was intended to tie the exhaust packing sheets to the perforation just to keep everything neat and tidy
    - 2x Angle grinder metal discs ...

    I may even chuck in an old rivet gun with the exhaust package ;D! That little lot set me back a bit more than I thought after adding it up ... 52 incl Post!

    Thanks all.

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    These are the SP's ... These arn't my bike. But identical.

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