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Thread: USA: Parting out 2000 Mille

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    USA: Parting out 2000 Mille

    Hey guys, I'm parting out an almost complete 2000 Mille. I bought the bike with intentions of using the frame and engine for a custom project but lack of time and money has put a hold on that for now. Pretty much what you see is what I have. There are a little over 20k miles on it, and it runs and drives just fine. Obviously the bike has been down but there was no major impact so everything is straight.

    I know I dont post much and it might seem kinda weird that my first post is a for sale post, but I'm a long time lurker . I just figured I would give you guys first pick at this thing before I start to tear it down and post on Ebay (which I really hate).

    Let me know what parts you need and I'll shoot you a price. It would be kinda hard to list prices for everything on here.

    Located in Phoenix, AZ.

    Call or text anytime
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