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Thread: RSV Mille >2003 Clutch Master Cylinder Seal

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    RSV Mille >2003 Clutch Master Cylinder Seal

    I recently had an issue with the clutch on my RSV Mille R 00. The clutch would not allways work and I found myself fighting the gearbox from time to time.

    I noticed that if I pulled the lever really slowly that nothing would happen. The clutch would not move. If I pulled it harder and faster the clutch would work just fine.

    I took out the Master Cylinder Piston and found two holes in the main seal.

    I tried to find the replacement part but noone has it or sells it.

    I got lucky when I found someone that could make a new one out of thin air at a reasonable price.

    It took a lot of emails and measurements but eventually it was Perfect. Maybe a bit better than the old one as the material is not as soft as the original and it has less chances to catch on the hole in the cylinder.

    If you have the same problem send them an email asking for the RSV Mille seal at:

    Hope this helps someone.

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    Good work, but the 'For Sale' section seems an odd place to post it.

    Might be worth asking one of the moderators to make it a sticky in 'Common Modifications'


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    hey, these guys are from romania! good find for me, lol! )

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